How Long Should You Keep A Protective Hairstyle

How Long Should You Keep A Protective Hairstyle

It is great for the summer because your hair is fully protected. Choosing the right sew-ins and meticulously caring for them will help you keep your weave in for closer to 12 weeks.

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But it is still wise to give your natural hair some breathing time at least 2 months in between rocking protective styles to ensure your hair is not getting weak.

How Long Should You Keep A Protective Hairstyle. If youre trying to prevent hair damage and keep your locks healthy and strong its essential to protect your hair while sleeping. I couldnt agree more. This applies to box braids crochet braids cornrows and any other style.

So to me a protective style is a hairstyle that can stay in place for a while without the need to re-style the hair anywhere from a few days to a couple of months. But the quick answer is that sew-ins tend to last between six and 12 weeks. Sleeping with long hair can turn mornings into a crazy mess.

Your hair will tell you when its time to take your weave out. Do you have long andor natural hair. We recommend leaving protective styles in for about two weeks on average- and never push more than two months.

The friction of your hair against your pillow can undo the effort youve put into your hair during the day. Box braids are a protective style that can last you 4-6 weeks with proper care. Examples of How Long to Wear a Protective Style.

-Wear it 85 of the time – 6 days out of 7 days of the week -Wear 4 days out of the week -Wear 5 days out of the week Monday through Friday leaving the weekends for wearing your hair down. If so try pulling hair back into a single braid and secure the end with an elastic band. No protective style is necessarily better or worse than any other but whatever you choose should actually protect your hair.

With proper maintenance passion twists can be up to eight weeks and a bit longer if you dont mind a little frizz What products do you use to keep them neat and moisturized over time. Then again some naturals like myself love the feeling of thick bushy new growth. To help your strands make it through the months and months of grow out and to keep.

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If one of your hair goals is to preserve your hair from damage then you should incorporate protective styling into your natural hair regimen whenever possible. I would say it is best to err on the side of caution and keep your braids in for no longer than 8 weeks as long as your hair and scalp show no sign of distress. You can get braids wet therefore you can easily wash them weekly to keep your scalp clean.

You can also try banding where you pull hair back and loosely hold with an elastic band and place a few other bands down the length of the ponytail. Here are six ways to wear your hair to bed so you can protect your hair and preserve your style while you snooze. You can wear this hairstyle for at least three days sleep in it and touch it up as needed.

You can find people out there with every sort of opinion. Make sure and keep the elastics loose. One told me 6-8 weeks while another told me that you can leave an install in for upwards of three months with proper cleansing.

To perform this easy style I separate my hair while detangling with a brush and simply sweep each. Growing out your hair can be a long process requiring lots of patience and careful attention to your locks. Protective styling is a concept that reduces ongoing manipulation of your hair encourages growth retention and protects the ends of your hair strands reducing knots and tangles.

How to Make Your Sew-In Last Weaves and extensions get itchy dirty or oily and lose their ability to hold style when they arent properly taken care of. Although protecting hair during sleep is a common practice for people with chemically treated hair or natural African-American hair treating your hair. This is the general limit that many people will find is suitable before hair starts to mesh within the protective style.

Your protective style will only work if you do. If you notice any breakage or persistent tenderness then its a good idea to take your braids out to curtail any damage. A protective hairstyle is also a hairstyle that protects the ends of the hair which is the oldest and most fragile portion of the hair on any persons head.

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Protective styling is a great way to keep your ends and your hair protected from environmental factors and manipulation. However my current and most trusted stylist gave me the most logical advice. Of course no one wants a protective style that looks like an overgrown lawn.

Once more moving up from 2 weeks to a 34 week interval further reduces the time when hair is open and susceptible to tangling or breakage. There are also so many beautiful styles that you can create while youre.

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